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Needs Assessment Form For Installation of Charging Station

To gain a comprehensive understanding of your charging station requirements, please kindly leave your contact information and needs description below. For example, get to know the introduction of equipment, willing to install a charging station, integrated needs of charging station, operation management system,  payment system, and understand the operating model and framework..., etc.

場地 Charging Station Installation Venue

營運模式 Business Models

您期望的營運模式為何? What is your expectation of business models?
您預期的充電樁收費模式? What is your expectation of charging a fee when using a charging station?

電力相關問題 Electricity and Meter Questions

您是否有設置電動車專用電表及專用電價? Have you set up a dedicated electric meter and electricity price for an electric vehicle?
您是否有評估向電力公司申請增加用電設備或契約容量? Have you evaluated applying to increase the power consumption equipment or contract capacity with the electricity company?

目標客戶 Target Customers

充電樁規格 Charging Station Specification

充電類型 Type of Charging
充電樁品牌 Brand of Charging Station
輸出類型 Type of Output
壁掛/立柱 Wall-mounted/Pillar-mounted
輸入電壓範圍 Input Rating
最大輸出功率 Max. Output Current
充電小時時長 Length of Charging Hours
預估車種相容性 Charging Interface
通訊設備 - 網路連接 Communication-External
通訊設備 - 通訊介面 User Interface

​購買方案 Purchase Plan

購買方案 Purchase Plan


Thank you for submit!

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